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SBG5 - The Millennium Team
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December 4, 1999 is the most memorable day for Extraordinary Development Corporation. The birth of the newest baby in the organization - Sales Business Group 5. It just started from 6 dedicated individuals with the same mission and vision, it grew astounding in sales and sales force. Under the auspice of Ms. Sylvia O. Opinion, the business group is composed of the following:

- Office of the Chief Operating Officer, headed by Ms.
Sylvia P. Opinion
- HRD and Administration Department, headed by Ms. Des
- Finance Department, headed by Ms. Cecille Bolivar
- Sales Dept. 1 : Extraordinary Sales Executive Program
(ESEP), headed by Mr. Joey Gutierrez
- Sales Dept. 2 : Partners and Brokers Association (PBA),
headed by Mr. Alzon Gotiangco
- Sales Dept. 3 : Focus Group Account (FGA), headed by
Ms. Des Victorio (concurrent)

Currently, SBG 5 manpower is composed of 16 highly committed officers and staff; 53 active Sales Executives; 4 Business Development Officers; and 15 Partners and Brokers.